Al-mansura Sdn Bhd

Al-mansura Sdn Bhd
Al-Mansura Sdn Bhd started its operations in 1998, with businesses ranging from agriculture products to supplying smart-cards in the IT-industry in Malaysia. As of late, Al-Mansura has been concentrating on agricultural products, that is supplying fertilizers and its like to various companies, plantations and individual farmers.

Al-Mansura was appointed as Marketing Agent for a fertilizer producing company in Malaysia and has been actively doing so since. Through the special appointment, Al-Mansura liaises between clients and the company on matters such as:
1. Supply of fertilizers and its type, depending on the need of the soil.
2. Soil fertility matters and its solution
3. Custom-made fertilizers
4. Farming management system and solutions
Syed Barakbah
[60] 4 6445952
30-11-1 Pangsapuri Seri Abadi
Persiaran Relau
Penang, Penang, 11900, Malaysia
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Syed A Barakbah
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